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Amtrak Injury Report

The Amtrak injury report is called a NRPC 260. It is important that the form be completed accurately and completely. Any information regarding the cause of the injury should be included.

The important sections of the NRPC 260 are:

  • Describe fully how the accident occurred: In this section, it is important to provide a brief description of what happened.

  • Describe cause of accident: In this section, it is important to list any defective equipment, unsafe conditions or other factors that may have caused or contributed to your injury. Do not include any extra information that is not relevant to the cause of your injury.

  • Describe injury/ Illness: In this section, it is important to list any areas of your body in which you are feeling pain or discomfort. The railroad may argue that any area of your body not listed in this section was not injured in the accident.

It is important to obtain a copy of your report. Refer to the report if questioned at a later time about the injury.

By Matt Darby

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