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Maryland Workers' Compensation Attorneys > Blog > Railroad Injury > FRA Issues Emergency Order In Response To Metro-North Tragedy

FRA Issues Emergency Order In Response To Metro-North Tragedy

On Friday, the Federal Rail Administration (FRA) issued an emergency order in response to the Metro-North Commuter Railroad (MNCW) accident that occurred on December 1st. The order requires Metro-North to modify its existing signal system to ensure speed limits are obeyed and provide two qualified employees to operate trains where the speed restrictions are in place until the signal system is updated.

U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx is quoted in the FRA’s press release as stating: “Safety is our highest priority, and we must do everything we can to learn from this tragic crash, and help prevent future derailments.”

FRA Administer Joseph C. Szabo was also quoted as stating: “Even with a 43 percent decline in train accidents nation-wide over the past decade, we must remain steadfast and vigilant to ensure passengers and employees are safe. The public deserves better and our mission is to drive continuous safety improvements.”

The FRA’s press release can be found here.

By Matt Darby

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